The Lengths Some “Fans” Are Going To Meet Tzuyu On Vacation Caused ONCE To Worry For Her Safety

Even idols need their space and boundaries respected.

TWICE‘s Tzuyu went on vacation in Cambodia with her family last summer and while there, the Chou family took the opportunity to participate in some charity work.

Many lucky fans have been uploading selfies with TWICE’s maknae. She’s pictured happily smiling with each fan; she even signed autographs and accepted gifts from fans.

Some of these fan photos, however, also highlighted a darker side to the fan world. Apparently, some fans took this opportunity to violate Tzuyu and her family’s privacy and follow them around on their trip. One fan allegedly went as far as to knowingly book a room in the exact same hotel as Tzuyu and her family.

A healthy relationship between an idol and their fans is always a beautiful thing, even more so when they meet by happenstance. Unfortunately, there are those in the world who would take advantage of that. Once that line is crossed, passionate fans can turn into sasaengs (or stalker fans), which can be dangerous to the idols’ safety and privacy.

While these fans may not be subjecting Tzuyu to unsafe conditions purposefully, it’s important to keep in mind that when an idol is on vacation they don’t have access to the security provided to them at official appearances. If, at the least, a crowd of an unsafe size were to form, there’s absolutely nothing the idol would be able to do to protect themselves. We hope that Tzuyu can get through the rest of her vacation safely and healthily.