Here’s What Leonardo DiCaprio Said To “Squid Game”‘s Lee Jung Jae During Their Legendary Meet-Up

We fully support this bromance!

On December 2, the main actor of the Squid Game Lee Jung Jae sat down for CBS‘s The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to discuss his career and Squid Game‘s popularity.

Actor Lee Jung Jae on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” | CBS

Stephen Colbert kicked off the interview segment by asking Lee Jung Jae if he knew that Squid Game would be so successful prior to filming. It was to this question that the actor shared his very humble answer.


When I first read the script, it wasn’t to that extent. But actually, on my first day of the shoot, I felt like something good might happen. But I definitely didn’t expect it to bet his big of a success and I certainly did not expect to be here today with you.

— Lee Jung Jae’s translated answer

The late night host continued the interview by asking Lee Jung Jae a very important question: was he good at the children’s games featured in the Netflix series?

Lee Jung Jae (right) with his translator (left) | CBS

Yes, of course! Especially [the] marble game.

— Lee Jung Jae

Stephen Colbert didn’t forget to mention Lee Jung Jae’s A-List status in his home country of South Korea, but shared that the actor’s popularity skyrocketed globally following his Squid Game appearance—including his popularity with Hollywood stars, such as Leonardo DiCaprio.

Stephen Colbert showing the audience the legendary photo of Lee Jung Jae and Leonardo DiCaprio | CBS

It was here that the Lee Jung Jae shared the behind-the-scenes story of their legendary meetup at Los Angeles County Museum of Art Gala (LACMA).

Leonardo DiCaprio (left) with Lee Jung Jae | @from_jjlee/Instagram

I couldn’t believe it, really. And he told me that he actually did watch ‘Squid Game.’ He enjoyed it very much and he told me ‘you’re so lucky to be in and you did an amazing job.’ It was unbelievable.

— Lee Jung Jae’s translated answer

Wow, we didn’t think a legendary meeting could get even more legendary—but we thought wrong. Congratulations to Lee Jung Jae and all of his well-deserved global success! He may be a household name in South Korea, but it’s only a matter of time before he becomes a household name all over the world.

You can watch the Squid Game actor’s interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert down below.

Source: WikiTree