These life-sized copies of BTS members are freakishly realistic

Sports brand Puma recently unveiled their newest cut-outs featuring brand ambassadors BTS

The cutouts, which feature the group modeling Puma’s newest line of winter jackets, has gained a lot of attention for how realistic they look. From the facial features to the details in the hair, the cutouts look so much like the real deal that even fans of the group have briefly mistaken them as the members.

With how amazing these cutouts are, there have already been some concern that overzealous fans would start stealing them from the store. Last year, SK Telecom‘s cutouts of AOA‘s Seolhyun began disappearing all around Seoul, to the point where it became a major issue that the company had to address.

Fans can’t believe that these are just cutouts
The proportions are perfect too
The face looks so real
Imagine turning around and seeing this

Source: Instiz