HOLLAND Catches The Eye Of His Celebrity Crush Lil Nas X

We’re needing that collab yesterday.

American music artist Lil Nas X is interacting with HOLLAND on Twitter, giving fans hope for more, possibly a collab.

Lil Nas X

Previously, the openly gay K-Pop soloist gushed about meeting Lil Nas X backstage at an event. HOLLAND revealed that he even flirted with Lil Nas X, and we can’t blame him.

While Lil Nas X didn’t publicly respond to HOLLAND’s interest, he did “like” the video at the time. Now, a few months later, he did comment on one of HOLLAND’s posts.

HOLLAND recently shared the cover for his new single “NUMBER BOY,” showcasing him in a risque outfit and high-heels in a crowd of masked individuals walking past. Lil Nas X appeared in the comment section shortly after, complimenting it by saying, “this eats.”

Not @ HOLLAND’s crush commenting on his post! We hope this means they became friends since they met and might work together soon. How iconic would a Lil Nas X x HOLLAND collab be?

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