HOLLAND Publicly Flirted With Rapper Lil Nas X…Successfully?

HOLLAND’s confidence is inspiring, tbh.

Soloist HOLLAND is one of K-Pop’s first openly gay dols and has attracted fans worldwide with his musical skills and carefree personality.

HOLLAND | @holland_vvv/Instagram

He proved his status as a K-Pop fan himself earlier this year when he discussed the K-Pop artists and groups he’d love to collaborate with, including NCT and K.A.R.D’s BM. He’s even talked about who his favorite BTS member is before!

It seems like he’s just as big of a fan of American musicians as well after a behind-the-scenes video of him talking about meeting and flirting with Lil Nas X went viral!

Lil Nas X | @lilnasx/Instagram

In a video shared on his Twitter account, HOLLAND gushed about seeing Lil Nas X backstage at an event they both attended. He shared that he that the singer told him “hi“, and just that interaction inspired some strong feelings inside him, with HOLLAND saying that he “really wants to have sex with him!

HOLLAND says that he said “hello” back, but Lil Nas X was so busy their interaction was short.



Lil Nas X even told him that he had a “good hairstyle,” which apparently gave Holland the opening to ask for a kiss! HOLLAND says he attempted to flirt by telling him, “Give me a kiss” or something like that but was unsuccessful at the time.

While he didn’t get a response on that day, HOLLAND didn’t let that stop him from “shooting his shot” again. When he shared the video on Twitter, he directly tagged Lil Nas X, leading fans to try to help him get the rapper’s attention in hilarious ways.

Lil Nas X, who is also openly gay, did not publicly respond, but liked the video on his account!

This may be the start of a new, although unexpected, power couple!


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