“The Glory” Actress Lim Ji Yeon Gains Attention After Talking About Boyfriend Lee Do Hyun’s “Regret”

“Jiyeon casually mentioning her boyfriend…”

The Glory actress Lim Ji Yeon is gaining attention after adorably mentioning her boyfriend Lee Do Hyun‘s “regret” during a variety show appearance.

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Actor Lee Do Hyun | @ldh_sky/Instagram

During their time on The Glory, there weren’t many interactions between the two.

The two stars while filming “The Glory” | Netflix

Yet, Dispatch announced that the two were dating earlier in the year and sent the internet into meltdown.

Since the announcement was made, Lim Ji Yeon has never been afraid of mentioning her boyfriend whenever she can. Last month, a trailer teasing Lim Ji Yeon’s appearance on You Quiz on the Block.

Even before the episode aired, the trailer teased a moment when the actress mentioned her husband, adding, I really wanted to appear on You Quiz On The Block but Sung Il (Jung Sung Il) oppa appeared first, and Do Hyunee (Lee Do Hyun) came on, so I just waited.”

On August 2, the full episode actually aired, and it seems like it wasn’t the only mention of Lee Do Hyun, and the clip that is gaining attention online has netizens swooning.

In the video, Lim Ji Yeon remembered the moment that Lee Do Hyun was on the show. She pointed out that one of her boyfriend’s “regrets” was going on the show and doing the “Tecktonik” dance, even using a cute nickname “Do-hyunie.”

They even showed the iconic clip that Lim Ji Yeon was talking about…

When the clip was shared online, it was viewed over 600,000 times, and netizens couldn’t get over the fact that Lim Ji Yeon was being so open about her relationship. While dating within the Korean entertainment industry can receive criticism, netizens love how open the stars are about their relationship.

Some fans even pointed out that after watching the two stars dancing on variety shows, they share the same brain cells.

You can read more about Lim Ji Yeon proudly speaking about her boyfriend below.

Lim Ji Yeon “Calls Out” Boyfriend Lee Do Hyun On “You Quiz On The Block”

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