Korean Gaming Company Fires A Female Designer Due To Accusations Of Being A Feminist

Male fans of the game were upset about a character’s outfit design.

It all started when a South Korean game, Limbus Company, released a new summer gacha (special) event for their game. In the event, characters get renewals in terms of characteristics and outfit. In particular, a character named Ishmael came under fire. Male fans of the game claimed that Ishmael’s outfit was not as sexy as they were used to. In summer gacha events, female characters are usually dressed in skimpy designs such as bikinis. In Ishmael’s case, she was dressed in a wetsuit instead.

Ishmael and her wetsuit design. | Project Moon

Here is where the situation gets complicated. It was claimed online that while the male fans initially planned on protesting the designer, they later realized that Ishmael was worked on by a male designer. Later, they found another female designer who was working on the game story and accused her of having ties to extreme feminist groups in South Korea. This led to more accusations that the game imagery created by her contained feminist symbols and elements.

In response to the accusations, Limbus Company’s developer, Project Moon, released an official statement, announcing that they had fired the female designer.

Limbus Company stated that one of the main contractual rules they reinforced to their employees was to prevent controversial opinions from being reflected in their personal social media accounts. Fans of the game discovered the female designer had retweeted a tweet five years ago. The retweet supported the cause to stop illegal filming in South Korea. As many know, illegal filming is a huge problem in South Korea. Illegal cameras were found in public bathrooms, motels, and more.

The call to stop illegal filming was highly associated with feminism in South Korea, and hence, the female designer of Limbus Company was fired for breaching the contractual rule mentioned above.

The matter is currently attracting high attention both domestically, and globally. Netizens are angered about the unfair situation.

So you’re saying that Limbus Company’s developer fired someone who wasn’t even involved in the controversial design (Ishmael) for the reason that they agreed with a post that protests illegal filming, and that it could create societal controversy?

The company…?

So does that mean that the company… supports illegal filming?

Illegal filming?

But…it’s illegal?

— cheong97839

So you’re saying that this is right?

  1. People suspected feminism because there’s no character dressed skimpily.
  2. People cursed out the illustrator of the gacha summer event.
  3. They found out he was male.
  4. Huh, guess he can’t be problematic then.
  5. Oh, the story illustrator is female?
  6. Digs through her personal social media.
  7. Finds a post from 4 years ago that was deleted, about being against illegal filming.
  8. Asks for her to be fired as they find it goes against their ideology.
  9. She actually gets fired. (Took n hours)

— _s_hlove

The matter blew up so much that 15 out of 20 trending topics on Twitter in Korea were related to the matter. Despite online communities furious about the matter, Limbus Company has yet to respond.

Source: Theqoo

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