Limez Entertainment Fighting Allegations Made Against Their Artists

They still deny they tampered with the charts.

After Indie artist Nilo hit no. 1 on the Melon chart with “Pass By”, netizens began to suspect Limez Entertainment was manipulating the charts.


Even after a representative of the company shared that Limez Entertainment is a viral marketing company and uses their marketing techniques through SNS, rumors still persisted.


Things were so bad that the president of the company even made a statement to his artists.

“Limez has never tampered with the charts. These allegations are false and I would like to express my sincere regret that these rumors persist. I would also like to apologize to all of our musicans who trusted in us.” — Lee Si Woo


Unfortunately, what should have been a time of celebration for Nilo turned into a nightmare instead. In addition to the rumors, a petition was started asking the rankings for the music charts to be changed.

So far, the petition has yet to make any changes to the charts.


Since the beginning, Limez Entertainment has stressed that the suspicions were untrue and have now decided to take legal measures and investigations are in talks to finally put the rumors to rest.

“We have never used illegal methods. After careful consideration, we decided to protect our artists who have recently suffered from these malicious rumors that have been circulating the country. We have consulted with our lawyers and will be delivering relevant information to investigators.” — Limez Entertainment


Source: Osen