BLACKPINK’s Lisa Purchases The House That Used To Belong To A Chaebol

She’s living the life!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa just made a real estate purchase of her own. As it is already known through multiple reality shows, the four girls used to have different apartments close to each other and the company. Later on, Rosé and Jennie moved back to live with family, while Jisoo and Lisa stayed in their own apartments.

Lisa’s latest real estate purchase is a standalone house in the traditional yet affluent neighborhood of Buchon, Sungbuk-dong. The house stretches from a basement floor all the way to two stories above ground. The huge villa used to belong to the former chairperson of the Lotte Group conglomerate’s granddaughter, Jang Seon Yoon. She lived there with her husband until they moved out and put it up for sale.

The sprawling house is 689.22 meters square and sold for ₩7.50 billion KRW (about $6.08 million USD). It is said that she signed the contract for it on July 15, 2022, and finished the rest of the payment for it on January 30, 2023. This was verified by the real estate records that are kept by the nation and open to the public.

Other celebrities who live in the affluent district include other chaebols, including that of the Hyundai group, as well as actors Bae Yong Jun and Lee Seung Gi.

Source: Biz Hankook


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