Here’s Everything That Comes Inside BLACKPINK Lisa’s First Single Album “LALISA”

There are some rare items!

Take a sneak peek inside BLACKPINK Lisa‘s first single album LALISA. There are two stunning versions of the album: Black version and Gold version.

Both versions come in a box with a cutout of the letter “L,” showing some of the contents inside.

Each album comes with its own unique 88-page photobook full of gorgeous, color photos of Lisa.

Fans will also receive the lyrics paper along with the CD.

Additionally, there will be 1 of 4 photocards included. Considering both versions, there are 8 photocards in total.

The same goes for a random polaroid of Lisa.

Each album also comes with its own double-sided poster.

Exclusive to first press editions, there will be a random rare gold photocard…

…as well as a rare golden ticket. However, there are only 50 golden tickets in total!

Lastly, for preorder only, there is an exclusive 4×6 photo of Lisa.

The album is currently available for preorder and has an official release date of September 10. Check out how you can enter the online fansign and meet Lisa below!

Here’s How To Enter BLACKPINK Lisa’s Online Fansign Event For “LALISA”