Lisa Shows Her True Feelings About BLACKPINK’s Contract Renewals To A Fan

She’s just like the rest of us!

Discussions of BLACKPINK‘s contract status were the hottest topic for the last half of 2023.

BLACKPINK | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

As the year went on and BLACKPINK handled their individual schedules, many saw signs the girl group might end up going their separate ways.

Thankfully, on December 6, it was reported that the group had re-signed with YG Entertainment. In a statement, the company confirmed this new, relieving fans of their worries.

Following careful discussions with BLACKPINK, we have signed a new exclusive contract for the group’s activities, based on the strong trust held in each other.

— YG Entertainment

Jisoo shared her excitement over the news in a nostalgic post on her Instagram.

| @sooyaaa_/Instagram

Now, Lisa has also given fans a look at her true feelings over the contract renewals!

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Lisa recently made her first public appearance following the contract news, heading to Thailand for an event held by Celine.

The idol charmed as she made her way through the airport, hilariously discovering that she had made an accidental fashion “faux-pas.”

Another fan was able to talk with the idol for a moment, first congratulating Lisa on BLACKPINK’s contract renewals, then thanking her.

Lisa’s response left many fans in their feelings as she excitedly replied, “I’m thankful too.”

Fan: Congratulations on BLACKPINK’s contract renewal — no wait I mean thank you.
Lisa: *cheers* I’m thankful, too
Fan: Let’s go forever.

Lisa was in such a good mood about everything thing she even gave the OP a group hug with some other fans!

Fans were understandably emotional about her reaction following the stressful months of waiting for news.