“My Little Old Boy” Shocks Viewers With How They Photoshopped Hong Sun Young in a Wedding Dress

The opinions are divided.

On a recent episode of SBS’s My Little Old Boy, trot goddess, Hong Jin Young took her sister, Hong Sun Young to try on wedding dresses.

The two sisters decided to try on wedding dresses in commemoration of White Day.

And they looked absolutely stunning.

But what shocked the viewers was My Little Old Boy‘s photoshopping of Hong Sun Young in her wedding dress.

Hong Sun Young, who is often encouraged to lose weight, was made to look thinner in the photoshopped picture.

The reaction to the photo was quite positive on the show.

It looks like an entire person left your body in that photo.

– Hong Jin Young

But netizens were divided with some expressing their awe of Hong Sun Young’s beauty while others criticized the show for making such a drastic change in her appearance.

Even if she lost weight, she wouldn’t look like that.

The power of photoshop, eh?

Isn’t that a little too much photoshop?

– Netizens

Prior to this episode, Hong Sun Young engaged in weight loss efforts with the help of her sister, Hong Jin Young.

Following her dramatic weight loss of 20 kilograms (44 pounds), she received all sorts of praise for becoming prettier.

Here’s hoping Hong Sun Young continues her diet and exercise in a healthy way while remembering that’s he’s beautiful no matter what.


Source: Insight