Live Nation PH Under Fire For Allegedly Mocking BLACKPINK Fans And Throwing Lisa Banners In The Trash

Her birthday banners were confiscated.

BLACKPINK made Filipino fans the happiest people on earth when they held a two-day concert last March 25 and 26. They even pre-celebrated Thai member Lisa‘s birthday with a special cake that fans designed specifically with her in mind.

Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

However, BLINKs have taken to Twitter to express disappointment and anger at the way the concert organizers, Live Nation PH, allegedly treated fans who wanted to cheer Lisa on.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

According to Twitter users, yellow banners saying “HAPPY BIRTHDAY LALISA” that fans spent money and effort on were confiscated and thrown away. One reason why they are upset is because unofficial banners were still allowed on Day 1 of the concert when Lisa’s birthday banners on Day 2 were immediately disposed of. They argued that even the size was within guidelines.

Moreover, solo and birthday banners were allowed in the girl group’s previous concert stops. Live Nation PH’s restriction on the Lisa banners was unexpected and led to wastage that could have been easily avoided had they made a prior announcement.

Fans reiterated that it was only the happy birthday banners that were singled out. They claimed that even non-BLACKPINK related ones were still allowed inside the venue.

Furthermore, Filipino BLINKs reported cases of the staff responding to them disrespectfully when asked why the banners were being confiscated.

Fans said it was “utterly disgusting” that the staff “mocked” them, concluding that Live Nation PH is “one of the messiest organizers.”

Finally, many demanded an explanation and apology from the company. They trended #LIVENATIONPHBASTOS on Twitter.

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