Famous Korean Live Streamer Ends Up Dating The Writer Behind His Divorce Documentary

Fans are in shock.

Famous Korean live streamer, Choi Gogi, married beauty YouTuber Yucatnip (also known as Yoo Ye Rin) in 2016. Yucatnip runs a successful YouTube channel with over 350,000 subscribers.

They gave birth to a lovely baby girl the same year. Things were going well until April 2020, where they announced that they were getting divorced. In November 2020, they decided to appear on divorce documentary program, We Got Divorced. The show gave fans a look into why their marriage crumbled. Due to problems with Choi Go Gi’s father amongst other things, the couple ended up separating.

Recently, fans were in for another shock when Choi Gogi announced his new girlfriend. It was revealed through his Instagram where he posted sweet snapshots of the two holding hands.

| @gogichoi/Instagram

It was revealed that his new girlfriend however, was the writer behind his divorce documentary, We Got Divorced.

| @gogichoi/Instagram via theqoo
  • Fan: “You said that she was the writer for We Got Divorced. I’m curious as to how you guys ended up dating.”
  • Choi Gogi: “I mentioned it previously… if you’re curious, check my YouTube!”

Fans were naturally in shock at the matter and online communities began showing sympathy for Yucatnip. Comments included,

  • “Even if Yucatnip said it was okay, I don’t get how this is possible.”
  • “This is another level.”
  • “Is this Hollywood???”
  • “Yeah sure it’s possible for two people to date but the fact that she was the one two brought them on the show and the show even discussed them getting back together and had their parents on the show…”
  • “So was this why the show edited it such that Yucatnip was put in a bad light?”

Choi Gogi has since continued to answer questions about his new relationship on his YouTube channel. He recently revealed in a Q&A that they had begun dating in early April 2021. Yucatnip has not commented on her ex-husband’s new relationship.

Source: theqoo