Lizzo Notices A BTS ARMY At Her Concert

She even signed their lightstick!

American music artist Lizzo recently noticed a fellow BTS ARMY at her concert!

Lizzo in her “Butter” cover. | @BBCR1/ Twitter

K-Pop fan Ashley Martin (@ashleypnw32 on TikTok) recently attended Lizzo’s 2022 “Special” World Tour concert in Portland at the Moda Center. She was holding a sign including a list of things she had in common with Lizzo.

Lizzo noticed the sign and quickly came over to read off the checked-off list, beginning with birthday. They’re not only both Taurus but were born on the same day, April 27.

Birthday! Bing! You’re a Taurus? … April 27?! Same birthday?!

— Lizzo

The next thing they had in common was BTS biases! Previously, Lizzo revealed her biases via Instagram Live and has since befriended all the members, especially J-Hope. But Ashley confessed that she was actually OT7, and Lizzo had the cutest response!

Lizzo: Bias: J-Hope, V, and Jimin! And Namjoon. Okay, you love Namjoon…

Ashley: I’m technically OT7! I like them all.

Lizzo: You’re technically what?

Ashley: I’m technically OT7, so I like them all.

Lizzo: Aww!

Ashley also had another side to the sign, which asked Lizzo if she would sign her BTS lightstick, ARMY Bomb. She happily agreed to sign!

So, what’s the other side say? ‘Lizzo, will you sign my BTS lightstick?’ Of course, I will!

— Lizzo

Ashley also had a “freebie” to give her as a gift. But it appeared that Lizzo was only able to sign the ARMY Bomb!

Still, it was such as sweet interaction! Time and time again, Lizzo has proved herself to be a true ARMY. Read more below.

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Watch Ashley’s video below.


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