Lizzy Claps Back At A Hater Who Compared After School To Kara And Girls’ Generation

“Kara and Girls’ Generation are more famous…”

Former After School member, Lizzy is making headlines for her response to a hater.

Former After School member, Lizzy | @luvlyzzy/Instagram

The former girl group member shared some screenshots of a direct message she received on Instagram. These messages show a hater trying to knock Lizzy down by comparing her former girl group to those that may have been considered more “popular” at the time.

| @luvlyzzy/Instagram

Hater: Hahaha don’t you think so?
Hater: Your group got owned by Kara and Girls’ Generation, huh?
Hater: Right?
Lizzy: Yup ^^
Hater: Why did you get owned by Kara and Girls’ Generation
Hater: Hahahaha
Lizzy: Why are you bringing up such old news…? Do you have nothing to do
Hater: Kara and Girls’ Generation are more famous than your group

Lizzy, who is known for her blunt and spunky personality, didn’t go down without a fight. The former After School member made sure to clap back at the hater by revealing their ugliness. In an Instagram story, Lizzy uploaded the direct message with this savage response.

| @luvlyzzy/Instagram

Child, do you have nothing to do…?

— Lizzy

Yes, don’t let the haters get to you Lizzy! Haters don’t deserve any type of response, but this is absolute gold.

Source: WikiTree, Instagram and Instagram

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