Locals Are Confused After Finding Lost K-Pop Lightstick

“I bet it’s one of those kids toys.”

Lightsticks are a huge part of the K-Pop concert experience. But to those who aren’t in the know, it’s just another piece of plastic.

ATEEZ’s Mingi with lightstick | @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

Recently a local posted to the r/whatisthisthing subreddit asking for help in identifying a “microphone shaped object” that they had seen on the London underground.

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Many Redditors were stumped…

Mysterious object | Reddit

The consensus seemed to be that it was some sort of toy, which parents of young kids are familiar with. These toys seem to be a hit at carnivals.

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Light up children’s toy | Amazon

One helpful K-Pop fan set the record straight but did note that it’s basically the grown up equivalent of the children’s toy previously described.

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It wasn’t just any lightstick though. Fans of ATEEZ should be able to quickly identified the object as the group’s Lightiny!


Since ATEEZ are currently on the European leg of their 2022 World Tour, “THE FELLOWSHIP : BEGINNING OF THE END,” it makes total sense that a lost lightstick could be floating around London.

ATEEZ in London | @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

Of course, initially, many non K-Pop fans had no clue what it was or its purpose.

Another knowledgeable source knew that the owner of the Lightiny would be sad to lose it, while the original Reddit poster was sad to find out that it doesn’t spin after viewing an unboxing of the item.

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Other locals were confused about the functionality of the lightstick, but one user explained what makes them so cool for fans.

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Recently BTS‘s V went viral for giving his ARMY Bomb to a fan that didn’t have one to ensure they didn’t feel left out. For many K-Pop fans, lightsticks help connect the audience and make them part of the show.

They also just look really cool.

Source: Reddit

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