Loco Proves To The Balding Community That He Is Indeed Balding

He’s just been hiding it really well.

Rapper, Loco, who was recently discharged from the military, appeared on MBC‘s Radio Star where he proved to the balding community that he is indeed one of them.

Loco vented that after he confessed to his hair loss stress last time, the balding community accused him of having “fake hair loss”, claiming that his level of hair loss did not count as balding.

Countless people with hairloss were like, ‘You have so much hair! How is that hair loss?’

— Loco

But Loco wanted to stress that he is indeed one of them.

When I go to the salon, I have so little hair that they fill it in for me. Don’t misunderstand. I’m just like all of you. I apply the same creams and take the same medicine.

— Loco

And he went on to prove it live on TV.

By rubbing some of the hair filler off of his head, he proved that it may look like he has a full head of hair, but it’s actually been filled in with spray.


In past interviews, Loco confessed that due to various stresses, he suffered hair loss that caused him even further stress.

But no matter how much hair he has on his head, fans just want him to be healthy and continue to make amazing music.


Source: Insight