Rapper Loco Flexes Big Time As He Buys The Luxury Supercar That Jeon Somi Wanted

He wasn’t the only one that had his eye on this car!

Rapper and artist Loco recently guested on MBC‘s Radio Star, along with fellow hiphop artist, Crush. He had revealed that he recently bought a high-end luxury car!

He shared that he had bought the car before he had enlisted into the army as it was his dream car. However, the wait time was about two years. This was perfect for Loco as enlistment service lasts about 2 years as well.


Loco shared that since his service time in the army was tough, the car was like a present to himself for having worked hard. The car was ready for collection exactly two months before his discharge.

The MCs for Radio Star immediately brought up the fact that the car Loco had purchased, was the exact one that became famous due to Jeon Somi having ridden in it previously. Somi had gone for a test-drive on the car as part of her reality show. It is Somi’s dream car as well!

It was once revealed on a previous broadcast that top-tier hiphop artists such as Gray, Simon Dominic, Loco and others, mostly receive a payout of between 2 to 3 million USD per year, or more. The car in question, an SUV model from Lamborghini, costs $200,000 USD and up. A well-deserved present to himself!

Source: Star Today


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