Loco and Stephanie Lee Rumored To Be In A Relationship, Agency Responds

Both agencies responded.

Rapper Loco and actress/model Stephanie Lee were reported to have been dating for 1 year, but her agency has denied such rumors.

According to an exclusive report from TV Daily, Loco and Stephanie Lee began dating in early 2019 after being introduced to each other through an acquaintance. The two would meet up for dates without being aware of the public eye surrounding them. Even after Loco enlisted in the military in February 2019, their relationship did not change.

However, Stephanie Lee’s agency, YNK Entertainment, has come out to say that the two did meet for a little bit, but their are not dating now.

The report is not true. They did meet well, but now they are just friends.

— YNK Entertainment

Loco’s agency, AOMG, also confirmed they recently ended their relationship.

The two recently ended their relationship.. They will remain good friends.


Loco shot to fame after winning the first ever season of Show Me The Money. Stephanie Lee has appeared in well-known works such as The Great Battle, Yongpal, Partners for Justice, and The Last Empress.

Source: TV Daily, SPO TV and Herald Pop