“How Long Have You Been With Your Girlfriend?” — GOT7’s Youngjae Gets Grilled About His Relationship Status And Thoughts On Love

“Lovers should understand each other’s situations.”

GOT7‘s Youngjae recently appeared on YouTuber Pungja‘s drinking program, Pungja Loves Alcohol, to promote his latest release, “Errr Day.”

GOT7’s Youngjae | Sublime Artist Agency

While on the show, Pungja, known for her strong and hilarious personality, asked Youngjae several questions about love since his new song is about the subject, including how he would handle an ex asking if the song was about her.

Pungja shares that she believes idols should also be able to date and that the idea they can’t is outdated. She then says people know about the relationships anyways and then slyly asks Youngjae how long he’s been with his girlfriend.

Youngjae handles the question smoothly, saying he’s been with her for ten years. The “girlfriend” he refers to is GOT7’s fans (also known as Ahgases)!

Punja tells him to “go to hell” calling him no fun for not falling for her “trick.”

Youngjae’s method of answering this question makes sense because later in the episode, when Pungja asks his thoughts about making his relationship public, Youngjae says that he doesn’t “think it’s the best.”

I don’t think it’s the best because everything will be on the news like, when you break up or when you get together. I don’t need the whole world to know about my love life.

— Youngjae

It seems Youngjae is serious about this personal philosophy because when Pungja asks what he would do if a girlfriend wanted to make their relationship public, he replies that he would say “bye!

Youngjae says that lovers should ultimately understand each other’s situation, meaning he couldn’t date someone who couldn’t accept his feelings on the subject!

It’s nice that Youngjae can discuss his dating preferences in the open. He also gave insight into how idols can date secretly, which you can check out below!

GOT7’s Youngjae Gives Insight Into How Idols Can Date Secretly