Take A Look Inside Actor Yoo Ah In’s Jaw-Dropping 5 Million Dollar House

It’s a whole mansion!

In the latest episode of I Live Alone, actor Yoo Ah In revealed his not-so-humble abode, which he purchased for $5 million US dollars in 2016, for the first time on television!

This mansion, located in the up-and-coming affluent neighborhood of Itaewon, is four stories tall — from a basement floor to third floor. Each floor has what he explained to display, “A mixture of [his] preferences in interior design.”

My place doesn’t really have a concept. It’s a mix of everything. I never really had a concept in mind. It’s everything I prefer, picked out and thrown together as I go.

— Yoo Ah In

The spacious living room…

… connects to the dining room, adjacent to his modern kitchen.

He also has a special wine-storing and tasting room where he can unwind…

… in the company of nature in his backyard. Here’s his mini-garden:

Yoo Ah In’s place also boasted an impressive collection of artwork displayed, marking his classy taste.

As the episode continued, viewers got to see Yoo Ah In’s bedroom…

… and supersized bathrooms, one for him…

… and one for the cats…

… as well as this breathtaking rooftop with an unobstructed view of Seoul city!

Aside from getting this exclusive tour of his castle-like home, viewers thoroughly enjoyed seeing actor Yoo Ah In’s more personal side!

  • “His house is beautiful. And he is, as a person, really charming too.
  • “Yoo Ah In is such a cute person though?! He’s nothing like I had expected.”
  • “I really liked this episode. Yoo Ah In is a cool guy, it seems.”

Watch the full clip here:

Source: E Today and THEQOO