Lookalikes NCT’s Jungwoo And WJSN’s Seola Finally Appear Next To Each Other

Can you see the similarities?

NCT‘s Jungwoo and WJSN‘s Seola have always been mentioned as lookalikes of each other. Although the two have completely different vibes and feels, their features strangely look similar. In particular, their side profile has been highly compared.

Jungwoo’s side profile.

While Seola’s features are definitely more feminine, they both share a high nose bridge and an angular jaw.

Seola’s side profile.

Despite fans recognizing the two of them as lookalikes, they had never been seen together in public for the 6 years of their career since their debut. Only on 8 July 2022 was it that fans got a rare glimpse of the two stars side by side.

Jungwoo is currently the MC of Music Core, while Seola is currently promoting her group’s new song, “Last Sequence”. During an interview segment, the two stood next to each other.

Jungwoo and Seola on Music Core. | MBC

Netizens couldn’t help but exclaim at the similarities between the two.

Netizen reactions to the lookalikes. | theqoo
  • “But the guy kinda looks pretty while the girl looks handsome.”
  • “Wow they really look like siblings.”
  • “I was so fascinated I saved the pic but they really look alike next to each other.”
  • “It’s the first time I’m seeing them but their nose and side profile is exactly the same. F*cking pretty and handsome.”
  • “Wow they really look alike.”
  • “Normally side by side, people don’t look as alike but they really do.”
  • “Wow for real.”
  • “Wow it’s the first time I’m seeing both of them but they’re so handsome.”

Hopefully we’ll get to see a collaboration between the two one day.

Source: theqoo