S.M. Entertainment Announces They Will Be Ending f(x)’s Japanese Fan Club

This has got MeUs even more worried about the group’s future

f(x) is one of S.M. Entertainment’s most critically acclaimed groups, with a unique style and experimental discography that has won fans over.

However, MeUs have been frustrated with the lack of group activities for f(x) in the past few years.

The last time the girl group has released music was in November 2016 when they released their Japanese single “Cowboy” alongside the Japanese verison of “4 Walls”.

Unfortunately, f(x) has not released any new group music in the two years since. This has led many fans to be concerned about the group’s future, especially as the contracts of the members are ending this year.

The perceived lack of attention that the group has received from their company has led many MeUs to be apprehensive.

Adding to this, recently SM Entertainment sent out a concerning email.

Hello Me(you) JAPAN

Thank you for always supporting f(x).

As f(x) has few activities it is difficult for us to provide services to members of the fan club.

Thus we’ll be shutting down the paid service at the end of May.


This has been especially distressing to MeUs worried about the group’s future, considering that the last group activities where their concerts in Japan in November 2016.

Given their first Japanese single release, MeUs had originally hoped that f(x) would have more Japanese activities starting from 2016, but nothing else came out of it.

Fans are pretty disappointed with SM Entertainment’s continued lack of attention to the forgotten “middle child” of the company.

Additionally, Japanese fans were unhappy with the resigned tone of the email and their neglect of f(x)’s Japanese activities.

Given the long hiatus of group activities for f(x), MeUs are worried about what this email means regarding SM Entertainment’s stance on the group’s future.

Do you think the girls will be renewing or ending their contracts this year?