“It Looks Exactly Like Yena” — Choi Yena Reveals Her First Lightstick

One of the cutest lightsticks we’ve ever seen.

Soloist Choi Yena has revealed her first-ever lightstick. The yellow design has two antennas at the top, featuring a heart motif. Both the bulb and the button are in the shape of hearts.

The color serves to convey Yena’s bright energy, while the antennas reflect how Yena wants to broadcast her love for the fans. The adorable pixels on the bulb remind users of the earth’s design, while also staying in line with her adorable electronic and Y2K brand of music and concept.

Yena’s fans are called Jigumis, a pun on her name. “Yena Jigumina” is a common Korean saying which means “in the past or now.” The connection between her fans and Yena will be the same whenever! Yena’s concept of Yena living on Yenaplanet while Jigumis live on Earth (Jigu) is also completed by the lightstick, which is said to help the telepathy between Yena and Jigumis.


The packaging also serves as a stand and display as it is made out of sturdy cardboard with a clear plastic front. Priced at ₩48,000 KRW (about $35.80 USD) or $43 USD on international sites, it is reasonable for the quality.

Netizens were impressed with the thoughtful lightstick design.

Netizen reactions to the lightstick. | theqoo
  • Wow, cute.
  • It’s cute, but it looks too much like the ears of Kuromi.
  • It looks like Yena, kinda LOL. If they stuck on a beak or something it would’ve been better haha.
  • It really looks like Yena.
  • Cute LOL
  • Cute
  • It’s so cute. It’s also super cute how fans are called Jigumis cuz of Yena Jigumina. They also included the earth’s map. They’re so good at their job.

Definitely one of the cutest lightsticks we’ve ever seen!

Source: theqoo