LOONA Announces Long-Awaited Comeback To Release This October

It feels like years, but they’re finally coming back!

Orbits—are you ready? After months of waiting, LOONA has finally announced the comeback everyone’s been waiting for!

Today, LOONA released an official teaser on YouTube for their 3rd mini album, titled [12:00]. The new EP follows [+ +] (released in August 2018), repackage [x x] (released in February 2019), and [#] (released in February 2020).

| loonatheworld/YouTube

Judging by the teaser’s hashtags, it appears the album title is read as “Midnight”. The brief trailer flashes through 12 cities and their respective time zones: Seoul (South Korea), Budapest (Hungary), Paris (France), Hong Kong, Taipei (Taiwan), Bangkok (Thailand), Reykjavik (Iceland), London (UK), Auckland (New Zealand), Tokyo (Japan), Prague (Czech Republic), Los Angeles (USA).

| loonatheworld/YouTube

Throughout the clip, a simple instrumental plays over a soundbite that appears to be pulled from a rocket launch countdown. When the drop hits, the instrumental transitions to a heavy bass line which many fans are assuming was pulled from the new album’s title track.

| loonatheworld/YouTube

According to LOONA’s official social media update, [12:00] will release on October 19, 2020 at 6:00PM Korean standard time. Coincidentally (or perhaps intentionally), this coincides with Heejin’s 20th birthday. Heejin is widely known as the first member revealed under LOONA’s predebut project.

Blockberry Creative previously alluded to a comeback earlier this week in a Korean media statement regarding their lawsuit. However, after waiting seven months for a new release, fans weren’t expecting the album announcement so soon.

Unsurprisingly, Orbits are over the moon (pun intended), with many already celebrating and theorizing what to expect. In less than half an hour, #LOONAISCOMING reached the top 5 of Twitter’s worldwide trends.

Stay tuned for more updates on LOONA’s comeback as it unfolds. Until then, watch the full teaser for yourself here:

Source: News1 and Starplay (Feature Image)