LOONA’s Agency Cancels Showcase Audience Entry Due To Concerns Regarding The Coronavirus

The showcase isn’t canceled—they’ll continue on without an audience present.

LOONA will be running a fan showcase without an audience present. On February 2, their company Blockberry Creative released a statement which read that the spectator admission for the group’s commemorative fan showcase, scheduled for 8:00 pm on February 5, was canceled due to concerns over the new COVID-19 coronavirus.

Source: News1

Blockberry Creative said, “We tried to set up preventive measures and hold a performance to show the stage of their new song ‘So What’ to fans who have been waiting for their comeback, however, with the new coronavirus, there was a concern that the fans and visitors at the venue would pose a danger to the health and safety of our artist. After deep discussion, we decided to cancel the audience entry at the fan showcase, however, live global broadcasts scheduled for 8:00 pm on February 5 will continue as scheduled.

They ended their statement by saying, “We thank the fans who have always loved LOONA for their generous understanding of such measures taken for the safety of everyone. Thank you very much.

Source: wowkorea