LOONA’s Chuu And Heejin Reveal What They First Thought Of Each Other

They shared what they thought of each other the first time they met!

LOONA‘s Heejin and Chuu revealed their first impressions of each other!

Heejin and Chuu recently shot a pictorial together with The Star magazine, and also sat down for an interview for their Youtube channel!

They were asked about their careers and friendship with each other, and were also asked to share their first impressions of one another!

How was your first impression of each other?

Chuu went first, expressing nothing but admiration for her fellow member, and talked about how she saw her teaser photo at the bus stop, leading her to become a huge Heejin stan!

She was so pretty. Just my type. I saw her from backwards at the bus stop and that was my solid image of her. And actually, she was the same in real life! She had beautiful features.

She was just lovely, pretty and gorgeous!


Heejin shyly revealed that she’s bad at hearing such compliments, leading Chuu to confess that she knows-and why she’ll do it even more!

Heejin then shared her first impression of Chuu, narrating the first time she saw her!

When I first met Chuu, I was so amazed. When she first met me, she held my hands and said, “I’m sure that I’m the one who watched your MV a million times!” She told me that I’m so pretty while holding my hands and saying that she saw my solo MV a million times.

It was so new, so I can’t really forget.


Watch them talk about it here!