LOONA’s Chuu Reveals Her Top Tip For Newbie Orbits Struggling To Get The “LOONAVERSE”

Now you have no excuse not to “STAN LOONA”.

If you’re a baby Orbit or you’re thinking of becoming a LOONA fan but you just can’t get to grips with their lore, don’t fret. Chuu shared her top tip for getting to grips with the LOONAVERSE in a new interview with AYO.

Almost every K-Pop stan has been told to “Stan LOONA” at least once, and those that take the plunge are treated to great songs, incredible talent, and the charms of 12 lovely members. But, for many fans, one of the best things about joining the Orbit fandom is delving into the “LOONAVERSE”.

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The LOONAVERSE is the worldbuilding behind all of LOONA’s comebacks since their pre-debut project. As music videos intertwine with each other and new tidbits of lore are drip-fed, there’s nothing more fun than theorizing about the fictional universe LOONA inhabits. Of course, when you’re new to the fandom, the LOONAVERSE can also be very overwhelming.

One fan’s interpretation of the LOONAVERSE from 2016 to 2018. | bragen/Reddit

Most of the music videos—and even many teasers and other official videos from BlockBerry Creative—have LOONAVERSE hints to look out for, and each one comes with multiple fan theories to digest. So, what can you do when you’re a new Orbit who has over four years of lore to get to grips with? Chuu has a tip for you in a new video with AYO on YouTube.

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It’s been 2 days since I became an Orbit ㅠㅠ LOONA’s world view is so difficult, somebody explain, please.

— AYO commenter

At first, Chuu and Choerry joking called for their CEO to come out and explain everything. But, Chuu soon revealed that having everything explained to you isn’t necessarily the best path. “You don’t study the world view,” she stated, “You get familiar with it.”

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Easing new orbits into the LOONAVERSE, Chuu explained that if you like LOONA, you’ll gradually get to learn facts like how Choerry is represented by a fruit bat, the color purple, and the color white, while Chuu herself is represented by a penguin and the color coral.

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If you know everything from the start,” Chuu went on, “It’s not fun.” Instead, she says it’s far more enjoyable when there’s a plot to follow over time and you only get to know everything at the end. So, instead of thinking you need to analyze the LOONAVERSE intently as soon as you join the fandom, start watching the group’s content and let yourself become absorbed in the world over time.

Congrats on becoming Orbit!

— Chuu and Choerry


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