Sneak Peak Suggests LOONA’s Chuu Will Follow TWICE As The New Endorser For Pocari Sweat

She fits the brand perfectly 💙

While nothing has been confirmed yet, new hints from Pocari Sweat‘s social media suggest LOONA‘s Chuu may be inheriting TWICE‘s title as the sports drink’s new endorser.

Created in Japan back in 1980, Pocari Sweat is one of the most well-loved sports drinks across Asia. While its name sounds off-putting to many English speakers, the drink is a popular choice for replacing the nutrients and electrolytes lost after sweating. With a mild grapefruit flavor and light appeal, Pocari Sweat has become the most-used sports drink in South Korea, surpassing popular Western brands like Gatorade and Powerade.

| South China Morning Post

One of the earliest Pocari Sweat models was Love Alarm actress Kim So Hyun, who was recruited as the brand’s endorser in 2015.

| Pocari Sweat

Then, shortly after their debut, TWICE became the new models for Pocari Sweat in 2017. It’s believed they first scored the endorsement after fans edited a picture from “Cheer Up” to look like a Pocari Sweat advertisement.

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Year after year, TWICE’s contract with Pocari Sweat was renewed, making them the brand’s longest-running models. However, late last year, their partnership came to an end.

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Now, it looks like Chuu is poised to follow in their footsteps. Today, Pocari Sweat Korea uploaded a new photo to the brand’s official Instagram account teasing the new endorser. While her face is covered by a heart, fans say those cheeks are unmistakably Chuu’s.

On top of that, the caption included the term “dugeun-dugeun“—the Korean ideophone for the sound of a heart beating. This is believed to be a reference to Chuu’s solo debut single, “Heart Attack”.

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And that’s not all. When Chuu returned to Seoul on a flight from Jeju Island earlier this month, fans spotted the star playing with a Pocari Sweat bottle. The brand has shot commercial films in Jeju Island before, making Chuu’s role as their new model all the more likely.

Perhaps they first considered Chuu as the perfect Pocari Sweat model after seeing this LOONA clip from a few years ago?

In the brand’s Instagram post, Pocari Sweat promised to confirm their new model shortly, so stay tuned for updates.

Source: Statista and @kimnunmool/Twitter (image credit)