LOONA’s Chuu Tears Up After Staff Surprise Her With A Day Of Luxury

“You’re a gift to us, Chuu!”

LOONA‘s Chuu is so loved by the staff on her YouTube show Chuu Can Do It that they treated the idol to a day of luxury as a way to thank her for her hard work!

Chuu in episode 28 of Chuu Can Do It. 

Their first stop was at a hotel so Chuu could get a massage! Chuu asked her staff if they were getting massages too, but the staff said it was too expensive. Chuu even offered to just do one half of the massage so her staff member could do the rest!

Their next stop was at a restaurant with a stunning view of the Han River where Chuu was served two of the restaurant’s signature bingsu (shaved ice dessert). Chuu said there are a lot of bingsu places near her home, but the hotel bingsu was on a whole new level!

The last stop for the crew was a yacht where Chuu was overwhelmed with the luxury and the sweet decorations inside. The staff even prepared snacks for her themselves!

The staff prepared macarons and chocolates for Chuu.  

Chuu was so excited, but she didn’t forget to make sure her staff were also enjoying the ride, handing them some of the food to eat.

The staff asked if there was anything else Chuu wanted to do, but the idol said she’s satisfied and that the staff always spoil her by going along with whatever she wants to do!

I’m happy so keep doing it! 

Chuu got teary when one member of the staff said, “We’re happy thanks to Chuu.” She said she doesn’t know what she did to deserve this!

The crew made her laugh by gifting her one final thing: a flashing candy ring! Chuu gladly accepted their proposal—in English, nonetheless!

For her final words, Chuu said she’s always happy when filming the show and thanked everyone for giving her love.

I’m always happy when I’m on this show. I’m always loved by all of you. That’s enough for me. But now you’ve gifted me with this day…I don’t know what to do. I’m always on the receiving end…

— Chuu

The final push to make Chuu cry came when one staff member said, “You’re a gift to us, Chuu.” Chuu immediately teared up, and some of her staff even teared up as well!

Check out the full video below. Chuu Can Do It Season 2 will start soon!