LOONA’s Gowon Reveals How Much Olivia Hye Has Changed Since Debut

She hasn’t always been this way?

LOONA‘s Olivia Hye is well known today for her strong stage presence and fierce energy.

“PTT (Paint The Town)” | 스브스케이팝 / SBS KPOP/YouTube 

According to Gowon, however, this wasn’t always the case.

“When I saw Olivia Hye,” | Rolling Stone Korea/YouTube 

When asked by about her first impression of Olivia Hye as part of Rolling Stone Korea‘s The First Time series, Gowon began her response in a bit of a suprising way.

“She didn’t leave a very strong impression” Gowon said to the group.

“She didn’t leave a very strong impression.” | Rolling Stone Korea/YouTube  

Choerry quickly agreed with her. Gowon added on that “She just had bangs, she was shy.”

“Right, right.” | Rolling Stone Korea/YouTube 
“She just had bangs, she was shy.” | Rolling Stone Korea/YouTube 

Chuu then added that “her face got red easily” which Gowon confirmed.

“Her face got red easily.” “Yes, right.” | Rolling Stone Korea/YouTube 

Gowon was quick to point out how much Olivia Hye has changed, adding “But now, she’s gotten fierce.”

“But now she’s gotten fierce.” | Rolling Stone Korea/YouTube 

Choerry ended this question by mentioning that Olivia has “grown” and “improved”.

“She’s grown. Improved.” | Rolling Stone Korea/YouTube 

It’s hard to imagine Olivia Hye as shy or timid but it’s incredible to see how far she’s come. To see what the rest of the members had to say about each other, check out the video below!

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