LOONA’s Heejin Reveals Which Members’ Names She Could Never Remember When They Were Trainees

Heejin hilariously shared the names of two members who she would always end up forgetting about!

LOONA‘s Heejin recently shared how she could not remember the names of two of her members, no matter how hard she tried!

Heejin | @loonatheworld/Instagram

LOONA sat down with Rollingstone Korea for a “The First Time” interview, where they rehashed their first meetings with each other, first time listening to their music on the streets, and more!

Being the first member to share her first-time meeting with a member, Heejin talked about meeting Choerry for the first time when they were trainees! She shared how she could never remember Choerry’s name, and would constantly ask her to tell her her name everytime they met!

Everytime I saw Choerry, I kept forgetting her name. I kept saying, what was her name? I remember being confused.


While Choerry and Haseul debated over when they first met, Heejin then revealed another surprising fact—Haseul was another member who she just couldn’t remember at the time!

I would forget Choerry and Haseul’s name so often.


But after debuting as a group, these members are closer than ever! Heejin and Haseul debuted together in the sub-unit  LOONA 1/3

Haseul and Heejin | @loonatheworld/Instagram

…and Heejin and Choerry are adorable together!

Heejin and Choerry

Watch her talk about it here!

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