LOONA’s Japan Debut Single Tops iTunes Album Chart In 23 Countries

Congrats to the girls!

K-Pop girl group LOONA has taken over Japan with their debut. As of September 15 at noon KST, LOONA’s Japanese debut single, HULA HOOP/StarSeed~, topped the iTunes album chart in 23 countries.

This album proved their global popularity as they topped the charts in the U.S., Hong Kong, Spain, Vietnam, Mexico, Norway, Brazil, Peru, Malaysia, and more. This album consists of a total of four tracks including “HULA HOOP, “StarSeed~,” “PTT Japanese Ver.,” and “HULA HOOP City Pop Ver.”

LOONA also recently received the Hallyu Culture Grand Prize, which is the Seoul City Council Chairman Award, at the 2021 Newsis Haley Expo, in recognition of their contribution to the Korean Wave. 

Source: newsen