LOONA’s Jinsoul Reveals That It Was Heejin’s Face That Convinced Her To Join The Group

“She’s something!”

LOONA‘s JinSoul recently talked about the first time she met Heejin as trainees, and revealed that it was Heejin’s gorgeous visuals that convinced her to stay in the agency!

JinSoul | loonatheworld/Instagram

LOONA recently sat down for a “The First Time” interview with Rollingstone Korea, where they dished about the time they each met the other for the first time ever!

JinSoul was the last member to share her story, and she talked about the time she met Heejin for the first time as a trainee! Reminiscing about their trainee days, she revealed how trainees can never know who they’ll end up debuting with, and so, often end up taking visuals and the like into consideration while meeting other potential debut-ready trainees.

I saw Heejin for the first time when I went to the agency. I’m sure you’ll all relate, but when you’re in the agency for the first time, we never know who’ll make a debut with me in the same group.

So we all consider the face and other aspects of the trainee important. We would scan them.


JinSoul then revealed the defining moment when she formed her opinion of the kind of agency she had joined, and it was all because of Heejin’s pretty face!

But the first member I saw there was Heejin. When she told me you can enter from here, I thought, ‘She’s something! She’s nice. This must be a decent agency.’

I was relaxed with all the pretty trainees around. So I thought, ‘This is the group that’s worth a shot’. That’s how I passionately started the trainee life.


After training for about a year, JinSoul made her debut as a member of LOONA alongside Heejin, and the rest is history!

Heejin and JinSoul

Watch her talk about it here!