LOONA’s Jinsoul Reveals Which TWICE Member Is Even More Beautiful In Real Life

Jinsoul also has a wish for the stunning idol.

During one of LOONA‘s recent fan signings, a fan’s question led Jinsoul to reveal one of the female idols that’s even more beautiful in real life.


Although all the members of TWICE are stunning, Jinsoul revealed which one reached another level when seeing them in real life.

| @JYPETWICE/Twitter

Because Jinsoul previously mentioned wanting to be friends with Sana, an Orbit asked what had originally caught her attention about the fellow idol. Jinsoul immediately smiled, ready to gush over Sana.

Jinsoul opened up about why she wanted to become closer to her. She revealed, “Of all the celebrities I’ve seen, she was much prettier in real life than on-screen.

Jinsoul was so amazed by Sana’s beauty in real life that she remembered it all the way from first seeing her during promotions for their LOONA ODD EYE CIRCLE sub-unit in 2017. Jinsoul added, “I saw her back in the ODD EYE CIRCLE days.

If Sana already ranks as one of the most beautiful idols in K-Pop, seeing her in real life must be unreal.


In the end, Jinsoul may get her wish. Since Sana became close with (G)I-DLE‘s Miyeon after seeing fans’ clips of Miyeon wishing to meet Sana, Sana may see the clips of Jinsoul as well.

Check out Jinsoul praising Sana and coming one step closer to achieving her wish.