LOONA’s JinSoul And Yves Open Up About Being The Songwriters In Their Group

They shared their thoughts on potentially writing a LOONA album!

LOONA‘s JinSoul and Yves are two members who have dabbled in songwriting before, and they recently discussed their songwriting process, as well as how they felt about being one day contributing to LOONA’s artistry!

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In a recent interview, the members of LOONA talked about their Japanese debut, promoting as 12 members again, and more!

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One of the questions they received was about their songwriting, and they were asked about their plans about making music in the future!

Some of the members, like Jinsoul and Yves, also compose and write original music. Are there any plans for the group to be more involved in songwriting for future releases?

Jinsoul revealed that for her, she tends to take time while making music, and she would love to make music both for LOONA and herself!

I’m trying to write songs whenever I have time. I’m relatively quick in making the overall taste and melody, but since I tweak around a lot while listening, it usually takes time to finish up. It would be great if I had a chance to participate in making LOONA’s album, but regardless of that, I’ll keep making music.


Jinsoul | @loonatheworld/Twitter

Yves also talked about her songwriting process, and shared that she makes music based on things she hears everyday!

I pick up words from our daily conversation with members and watching movies, and write songs using those words when I have time.


Yves also specified the genre of music she’d love to write for LOONA—R&B!

If I had a chance to join making an album, I’ll write an R&B song with guitar and piano sound that matches the members’ voices. This is my favorite music genre and I always write these type of songs, so it will give a fresh feel if my members can sing with lyrics I write based on our daily episodes.


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LOONA released their debut Japanese single “Hula Hoop”. Listen to it here!

Source: Bandwagon Asia