Netizens Can’t Believe That LOONA’s Label, BlockBerry Creative, Just Opened New K-Pop Idol Auditions

“I’m just going to throw this out there- in what world can they afford to pay these trainees?”

BlockBerry Creative and LOONA‘s members have been in an ongoing struggle over the last several months, from Chuu being suddenly and unexpectedly dropped from the group to the numerous members filing to suspend their contracts with the label (and only some succeeding).

LOONA | BlockBerry Creative

The ongoing issues have led to the majority of LOONA’s fans boycotting and condemning the label for their actions, and the future of LOONA’s remaining members is still unknown at this point.

| BlockBerry Creative

Despite all of these problems, however, BlockBerry Creative has just announced that they’re holding auditions for future K-Pop boy group members.

The application period will last between February 8 to 28, and is open to any man that was born in 2001 or later, regardless of nationality. Further details are included on their posts on the Instagram account made just for BlockBerry Creative’s audition program, @blockberryaudition. Comments on the Instagram posts are disabled.

Unsurprisingly, fans of LOONA aren’t too happy about the announcement, and BlockBerry Creative is receiving backlash and criticism online. A recent post on Reddit allowed people to share their opinions on the matter.

So BlockBerry Creative (LOONA’s abusive company) is going through with opening auditions for their boy group from kpopthoughts

Some are wondering how the company is even going to pay for new trainees, given how in debt they became after spending an exorbitant amount on LOONA’s debut and following comebacks.

Others just hope that no one will apply for the auditions at all, given the label’s reputation for mistreating their artists.

Still others want to see some drastic changes in how K-Pop companies are operated after seeing the mess that has come out of the recent issues between BlockBerry Creative and LOONA’s members.

Only time will tell if anyone does end up applying for the label’s auditions, but if they do get new trainees, we can only hope that they get much fairer treatment than it seems LOONA’s members have.

Source: Reddit