LOONA’s Odd Eye Circle Could Possibly Re-Debut Following Trademark Filing

Here’s what this could mean for the former sub-unit.

Following reports that former LOONA members Heejin, Kim Lip, Jinsoul, and Choerry had signed with Jaden Jeong‘s newest company MODHAUS, news has come out that the company also has filed for trademark rights related to one of the group’s past sub-units. Odd Eye Circle was one of the most loved sub-units in the industry, and after hearing the recent news fans are excited for a possible re-debut and fresh start under a new company.

Jinsoul, Choerry, and Kim Lip | BlockBerryCreative

The application for trademark rights was filed on March 27 for “오드아이써클 (Odd Eye Circle)” and it is still waiting on a response and for the official examination to be conducted.

Jinsoul, Choerry, and Kim Lip | BlockBerryCreative

Modhaus currently manages one of the latest breakthrough groups in the K-Pop scene, TripleS, who have impressed fans with their unique concepts, powerful performance, and catchy music. Fans even theorized one of the new TripleS members could very well be among the four former LOONA stars that recently joined the company. The head of the label, Jaden Jeong, has previously been in charge of the creative aspect behind the LOONA project, making this an even greater opportunity for the Odd Eye Circle sub-unit.

TripleS | Modhaus

The possibility of a re-debut increases with the fact that the three previous members of the unit, Kim Lip, Jinsoul, and Choerry, have signed with Modhaus. Fans also believe Heejin could be an addition to the original line-up, turning what was previously a trio into a quartet. This addition is more than welcome, as Heejin perfectly matches the vibe Odd Eye Circle is popular for, and would definitely deliver in vocals and performance.

Heejin | @liptight1019/Twitter

The former LOONA subunit has only had two official comebacks. They made their debut on September 21, 2017 with their first mini album Mix & Match. The album was loved by international fans and critics alike and the members received a lot of praise and recognition for their work on popular songs like “Girl Front,” “LOONATIC,” and “Chaotic.”

Following their debut, Odd Eye Circle then made their first and only come back with a repack of their first mini album Max & Match. The repack received similar praise and brought even more attention to LOONA’s pre-debut project than ever before. Thanks to the girls’ perfect portrayal of their attractive and catchy music, with songs like “Sweet Crazy Love” and “Uncover” that remain fan favorites to this day.

The possibility of a re-debut has made the internet blow up, with theories on what could happen with the group and whether they would continue to be loyal to their original lore and sound, or whether they would try something new and fresh. Although there is some bitter history between Orbits (LOONA’s fandom name) and the main man of Modhaus (Jaden Jeong) following his departure from LOONA’s previous company, and thus, the project itself, fans seem willing to let the past stay in the past and look forward to what he could explore with Odd Eye Circle under his own company.

Jinsoul, Choerry, and Kim Lip | BlockBerryCreative


Though the trademark application hasn’t been examined yet, Orbits seem confident it will get approved as LOONA’s previous company BlockBerryCreative has managed to trademark “LOONA Odd Eye Circle” and not just the subunit name.