From K-Pop To “LOONA Pop” — Here’s Why LOONA Describe Their Music As Its Own Genre

How would you describe their sound?

With the release of their debut Japanese single, “Hula Hoop,” earlier this month, LOONA continue to get better and better. In a recent interview with Bandwagon Asia to celebrate “Hula Hoop”, the members revealed why they describe their music as “LOONA Pop.”

Since before LOONA even debuted, the group has been proving its versatility. Over the years, the members have released everything from pop and R&B to ballads and jazz to EDM and house, giving each style their own twist.

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Most recently, they tackled Japanese city pop with “Hula Hula.”

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On top of that, they’re no strangers to blending multiple genres into one song. Take their latest Korean release, “PTT (Paint the Town),” for example, which has elements of Bollywood music as well as hip hop and dance pop.

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With so many different types of music in their discography, perhaps it should come as little surprise that LOONA see their music as a style of its own. In an interview with Bandwagon, the members revealed, “We’d like to describe LOONA’s music as ‘LOONA Pop.'”

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But why? Elaborating on the idea, the members went on to say that they don’t limit themselves to specific genres when it comes to making music. Instead, they explained, the members are “always trying new stuff and creating our own style.”

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While many groups prefer to stick to a signature sound that’s guaranteed to meet fans’ expectations, LOONA have a different goal. “We want to surprise listeners every time,” they revealed.

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Plus, there’s another benefit to their varied discography—since they sing so many different types of songs, LOONA say, “Fans can choose what to listen to depending on their mood.”

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All in all, there’s no doubt that the group has an endlessly varied catalog of music for fans to enjoy, and LOONA is showing no signs of slowing down in creativity any time soon.

Source: Bandwagon Asia