LOONA Spill Some Untold Stories From Behind-The-Scenes Of “Queendom 2,” Proving The Members Are Always There For Each Other

Whether it’s injuries or onstage mistakes, they support each other no matter what.

After winning second place with some majorly impressive performances on Mnet‘s Queendom 2, LOONA have many unexpectedly sweet moments to share from behind-the-scenes of the survival show, proving the memers are always there for each other no matter what.

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While the group’s managing label, Blockberry Creative, has recently come under fire for allegedly mistreating Chuu, the members themselves have proven that they are still just as supportive of each other as they have always been.

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When host Kwang Hee asked the members if they had any fun untold stories to share, Haseul immediately piped up with a story from when she had injured her shoulder. She explained that her injury made it difficult for her to dress herself…so Yeojin and Olivia Hye stepped up to help.

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They helped her through everything, including putting her shoes on. The story was sweet, but co-host Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk couldn’t help teasing Olivia Hye when he noticed she didn’t seem to remember it. Olivie Hye herself joked, “I always do sweet favors like this that I can’t remember.”

But then she ‘got real’ about the reason why she helped Haseul, teasing that she had done it in the name of efficiency. She claimed that “It was cutting into our practice time,” though the hosts hilariously affirmed that “It still came from a place of love.”

Yet, that wasn’t the only instance in which a member had found Olivia Hye thoughtfully helpful. The members explained that, during the Queendom 2 finale, JinSoul had been unable to stop herself from crying, seeing as she’d made a mistake in the choreography out of sheer nerves.

The hosts and her members reassured her that it had looked like a natural improvisation, though JinSoul was still left feeling angry at herself for it.

She then related that Olivia Hye had been there to reassure her after the performance. She made her feel touched by telling her that she had done very well, and that she shouldn’t worry. Of course, the hosts couldn’t resist the opportunity to tease Olivia Hye for her ‘efficiency’ again…

…but she explained that she had seen JinSoul feeling too guilty about her mistake (which the members agreed with), and so she wanted to reassure her.

LOONA went through a lot while competing on Queendom 2, but their efforts were not in vain. The group was able to show what they’re truly capable of, and even more, they were able to prove that they are a great team. A team of performance queens who are always there for each other!

If you’d like to see the full clip from Weekly Idol, you can do so on the link below.