LOONA’s Yeojin Reveals Why Haseul Stood Out To Her From The Moment She Met Her

“…it was the first time for me.”

LOONA‘s Haseul is a gorgeous, talented idol who stuns with her abilities and star persona, and maknae Yeojin shared how she was a standout even at their company audition!


LOONA recently sat down with Rollingstone Korea, where they revealed stories from their first-ever meetings with each other as trainees, and also talked about other first-times as a group!

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When it was Yeojin’s turn to share a story, she spilled all the details about the first time she met Haseul! Yeojin, Haseul, and Choerry all auditioned at the same time, and she revealed how, at the time, Haseul immediately caught her eyes all because of one item—her high heels!

Haseul…it was the first time for me. She auditioned in high heels. It was so cool.


She then talked more about the audition, and shared how, while Choerry and herself showed up in tennis skirts and and shorts, Haseul was a chic visual in high heels and skinny jeans, and gave off very high-class vibes!

She [Choerry] and I were in tennis skirts and shorts, but she was like this by herself. So I was like, ‘What? This is making me nervous. She’s very different.’


As the leader and main vocalist of LOONA, Haseul is definitely a talent to watch out for, and it’s no wonder she stood out from the start!

LOONA made a comeback with the song “PTT (Paint The Town )”.

Watch Yeojin talk about the first time she saw Haseul here!

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