LOONA’s Yves Is Almost Unrecognizable In Recent Updates After Debuting Bleach-Blond Brows And A Wolf Cut

Fans are loving how she’s exploring her style!

LOONA‘s Yves has always captured attention for her talent and beauty throughout her time in the spotlight.

LOONA’s Yves | @loonatheworld/Twitter

She even went viral for her “Pink Barbie Doll” look while attending the Queendom 2 press conference. Netizens were absolutely obsessed with her impressive figure!

She has recently captured attention again for making some dramatic style changes!

Last year, nine members of LOONA attempted to have their exclusive contracts suspended following Chuu’s expulsion from the group.


Four members successfully had them suspended, allowing them to freely conduct their own entertainment activities, while five, including Yves, remained as artists under BlockBerry Creative.

Since then, LOONA’s group status has remained in limbo, especially since it was revealed Heejin, Kim Lip, JinSoul, and Choerry are part of the project ARTMS under MODHAUS.

Yves and many other members have been keeping fans updated via their newly established Instagram accounts, which is where the star debuted her new look.

Previously, she rocked long brown hair and similarly colored eyebrows.

More recent photos show not only newly bleached eyebrows…

| @yvesntual/Instagram
| @yvesntual/Instagram

…but a very stylish and shaggy wolf cut, along with some outfits a little different from her previous styles while promoting with the group!

| @yvesntual/Instagram
| @yvesntual/Instagram
| @yvesntual/Instagram
| @yvesntual/Instagram
| @yvesntual/Instagram

Fans love her recent style exploration and can’t wait to see more of what she will share!


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