LOONA’s Hyunjin Is Absent From Her Program After Defending Chuu — BlockBerry Creative Responds

Hyunjin had previously voiced her support for Chuu.

LOONA‘s Hyunjin was reportedly absent from MBC‘s 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup Preview Show Catharsis.

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The MBC variety show revolves around the 2022 FIFA World Cup and previews each day’s games. Hyunjin appears as a panelist on the show.

Previously, Hyunjin publicly voiced her support for former member Chuu after BlockBerry Creative released a statement announcing the singer’s departure from the group. The agency would also claim that Chuu’s exit was due to her allegedly verbally abusing the agency’s staff members.

LOONA Hyunjin’s Honest Reaction To Chuu’s Removal Worries Fans

Since the statement, BlockBerry Creative has been bombarded by fans’ requesting they provide evidence of the allegations. The label has since released a statement in which they deflected fans’ requests, stating the right to release the evidence lies with Chuu and the victim.

Blockberry Creative Enrages Netizens With “Nonsensical” New Statement Regarding Chuu

Several members of the industry and advertisers have since rallied around Chuu. One of her biggest supporters, however, was Hyunjin. Hyunjin publicly expressed her support for Chuu not long after the label’s statement.

This is heartbreaking. Please support Chuu unnie.

— Hyunjin

Due to this, fans alleged that Hyunjin’s absence from the program was related to her support for Chuu.

BlockBerry Creative, in a statement, has since denied the allegations to JTBC, stating that the idol’s absence was due to a group schedule and that it was planned beforehand.

Hyunjin’s schedule was planned even before she first made an appearance on the show. There was a group schedule today, which was pre-planned. (She) will appear in next week’s episode.

— BlockBerry Creative

Meanwhile, on November 28, news broke that 9 members of LOONA have filed an injunction on their exclusive contract with BlockBerry Creative. Read more about it in the link below.

9 Members Of LOONA Reportedly File Injunction To Suspend Contract With BlockBerry Creative

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