9 Members Of LOONA Reportedly File Injunction To Suspend Contract With BlockBerry Creative

This comes days after Chuu was removed from LOONA

This article was updated to include a new, short statement from BlockBerry Creative.

Except for Vivi and Hyunjin, the remaining nine members of LOONA have reportedly filed an injunction to suspend their exclusive contracts with BlockBerry Creative.

According to an exclusive report from JTBC, nine members of LOONA — Heejin, Haesul, Yeojin, Kim Lip, Jinsol, Choerry, Yves, Gowon, and Olivia Hye) have recently filed injuctions to suspend their exclusive contracts with BlockBerry Creative. The nine members made the decision based on the idea that the trust between the agency and the group has collapsed, making it difficult to proceed with management and entertainment activities.

In relation to this report, BlockBerry Creative simply stated “no” to JTBC, but this is the same response that they provided to YTN following the rumors of Chuu setting up her own one-person agency back in October.

LOONA’s Chuu Sets Up Her Own Agency, BlockBerry Denies Rumors Of Her Leaving Their Company

Chuu had filed an injuction against BlockBerry Creative back in December 2021 to suspend the validity of her exclusive contract with BlockBerry Creative. Since then, she has proceeded with some group activities and her own personal schedules separate from the company.

Due to the nature of LOONA’s debut, where one member was unveiled each month, it was believed that each member has different contract starting and end dates. However, JTBC is reporting that each members’ contract is based on their full group debut coinciding with the release of their first mini-album [+ +]. If the nine members win their injuctions, it is highly likely that LOONA would no longer be able to carry out any group activities in the future, effectively disbanding them.

In a separate statement to SPOTV, BlockBerry Creative stated that the rumors of the nine members’ contract injuction is not true.

They are not true.

— BlockBerry Creative

Source: JTBC and SPOTV


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