LOONA’s Chuu Reportedly Files Lawsuit Against Blockberry Creative To Suspend Her Contract

Chuu vs. Blockberry Creative.

LOONA‘s Chuu has reportedly filed a lawsuit against her agency, Blockberry Creative, to suspend her exclusive contract.

According to an exclusive report from Wikitree, Chuu filed a lawsuit against Blockberry Creative in December 2021 to suspend her exclusive contract with the company. The court ruled that Chuu’s case would be partially approved, and she could be granted a preliminary injuction.

An injuction is a ruling made by a judge that will mandate an individual or entity to either start or stop a certain action. A preliminary injunction, also known as a temporary injuction, can be issued early on during a legal process when the court determines that by issuing one, they can prevent potential harm. They are only issued based on the evidence presented in the case.

The reason for Chuu’s lawsuit has not been revealed. Blockberry Creative has not commented on the matter yet either.

Chuu has been participating with LOONA for their Queendom 2 promotions, attending filming sessions and appearing on promotional content.

Source: Wikitree