LOONA’s Chuu Sets Up Her Own Agency, BlockBerry Denies Rumors Of Her Leaving Their Company

More rumors surrounding Chuu’s future are floating around.

LOONA‘s Chuu has set up her own one-person agency, sparking rumors of her leaving BlockBerry Creative. However, Blockberry has stated that the rumors of her leaving are not true.

According to an exclusive report from Osen, Chuu set up her own one-person agency Chuu Company Ltd. back in April 28 and she is listed as the CEO. Her mother is listed as an in-house director for the company. Chuu Company Ltd. was created to manage broadcast, entertainment, album production and distribution, performance, and publishing related business for Chuu.

Chuu listed as the CEO of her company. Chuu’s real name is Kim Jiwoo.

Chuu has been the center of discussion regarding LOONA and BlockBerry Creative, as she it was previously reported that she filed for an injunction against BlockBerry Creative to suspend her contract with them. Following this, it was announced Chuu would not participate in their world tour, and even rumors of her switching agencies began to pop up. BlockBerry denied all the rumors again. Things became worse as Chuu shared she didn’t make any money in 2021.

In relation to Osen’s new report, BlockBerry Creative shared a statement, once again denying the rumors that Chuu would be leaving their company.

We were not aware of Chuu creating her own company. We are looking into it.

The rumors of Chuu leaving our company are groundless.

— BlockBerry Creative

Source: YTN, Osen and Seoul Kyungjae