LOONA’s JinSoul Finally Dyed Her Hair Black And People Can’t Handle It


LOONA’s JinSoul has finally debuted a new hair color!


Part of the visual line in LOONA, Jinsoul has been well-known for her flowing blonde locks ever since her iconic pre-debut single “Singing In The Rain” was released. Fast-forward to LOONA’s debut, all throughout their first comeback era and even after that, Jinsoul was always seen with her signature blonde hair.

But now, brace yourselves— for she’s finally dyed her hair black, and she looks good.


Fans began trending the hashtag #BLACKHAIRJINSOUL on Twitter with the most gorgeous pictures of Jinsoul taking over the site:





A Jinsoul fancam of their song “favOriTe”, which LOONA performed at the Seoul Music Festival (SMUF K-Pop) on October 6, also began making its rounds of the internet, titled “191006” :



What do you think of Jinsoul’s new look?