Loossemble Celebrate BlockBerry Creative Losing Lawsuit In Unexpected Fashion

How did the girls choose to celebrate this landmark win?

The music industry often bubbles with a variety of legal battles and trademark disputes. One such dispute that grabbed significant attention recently was the one involving newly re-debuted girl group Loossemble and their former agency, BlockBerry Creative.

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For any who may be out of the loop, Loossemble is one of the newest groups in the industry, but the faces behind it are no strangers to the K-Pop realm. This dynamic quintet is composed of Hyunjin, Yeojin, Vivi, Gowon, and Hyeju. What sets them apart is that all five members are ex-LOONA stars.


The group’s name itself is a clever portmanteau of “LOONA” and “assemble.” Introduced by CTD ENM, their new agency even describes them as “five [Loona] members coming together as one.” They debuted with the hit single “Sensitive” on September 15, which made waves in the industry right away.

Before Loossemble could soar too high, their wings were almost clipped by a legal battle. BlockBerry Creative, the group’s former agency, raised eyebrows when they filed a lawsuit against CTD ENM. The bone of contention was the use of the name “Loossemble,” which they claimed was too similar to “LOONA.”

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The legalities went into overdrive as BlockBerry’s petition demanded an injunction that could potentially bar the new group from performing under this name.

The lawsuit had fans on the edge of their seats. For if Blockberry Creative had emerged victorious, it could have meant a complete rebranding for Loossemble. But, fortunately for fans, the court sided with CTD ENM, thereby allowing Loossemble to retain their name and their identity.

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So, how did the girls choose to celebrate this landmark win? In the most unexpected and delightful fashion! A TikTok video surfaced on Loossemble’s official account that showed the members dancing jubilantly in front of the iconic Statue of Liberty.

Loossemble of Liberty in front of the Statue of Liberty.

— Loossemble on TikTok


[Looble_tok] 자유의 여신상 앞에서 자유의 루셈블 🤭❤ #루셈블 #Loossemble #Sensitive #LoossembleNYC #LoossembleinUS #illbemissingyou

♬ I’ll Be Missing You (feat. Faith Evans, 112) – P. Diddy

This symbolic celebration was a hit among fans, who were quick to interpret it.

To many, this dance represented the girls’ newfound freedom and their victory in the lawsuit. The backdrop of the Statue of Liberty, an emblem of liberty and freedom, could not have been more apt for this celebration.