LOOSSEMBLE’s Fanclub Name Announcement Has Fans Feeling Extremely Emotional

Two announcements in one!

LOOSSEMBLE recently shared their fanclub name, but part of the announcement has fans feeling very emotional.

LOOSSEMBLE | @loossemble_twt/Twitter

LOOSSEMBLE are a girl group comprised of five members of LOONAVivi, Hyunjin, Gowon, Hyeju, and Yeojin.  After the group’s groundbreaking legal win left all twelve members free of their company, Blockberry Creative, many signed somewhere else to continue their careers.

LOONA | Blockberry Creative

Though they have not debuted yet, LOOSSEMBLE have already begun building excitement for their first album. The group already have announced their first US Debut Ceremony tour, planning on visiting fans across America in eight locations.

One of the biggest parts of establishing a new group is deciding their name and what fans will be called.  The fandom’s name plays a part in several other things and has even helped determine what a group’s lightstick will look like.

GOT7’s Jackson Wang. IGOT7 (GOT7’s fanclub name) sounds like Ahgase, which means baby bird in Korean.

On September 1, LOOSSEMBLE held a live broadcast where they announced the name of their fans — C.Loo (pronounced crew). According to the group, it means that fans are part of LOOSSEMBLE’s crew.

| @loossemble_twt/Twitter

While opinions are mixed on the name…

…another statement made during the broadcast has fans feeling emotional.

After the initial name announcement, Yeojin stated that even though LOOSSEMBLE has a new fandom name, it does not mean that fans will have to pick between being a C.Loo and being an Orbit. Orbit is the fanclub name given to fans of LOONA when the group were still active.

It’s not that we aren’t using Orbit anymore. We’re just using C.Loo when it is the five of us. Orbits will always be Orbits.

— Yeojin

Fans were overjoyed to hear this as it showed that the group still think of themselves as members of LOONA, rather than the group having truly disbanded.

What do you think of the fanclub name?